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Print Posted 06/27/2016 in Business

Neighbors to Know, Two Teens Start Business

Neighbors to Know, Two Teens Start Business

DABLRSERVICES.COM – Inspired by Steve Jobs and how he changed the world, Jake developed an entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 7 years old.  “My Dad taught me how to sell things on eBay, and I started selling things I didn't use anymore,” says 17 year-old, Jake.  “I was pretty good at it!”

After taking a business class at Kaneland High School, he discovered his love of the service field; as well as his interest in products and manufacturing.  Using his new found drive and passion for entrepreneurialism, Jake and his friend, Neil Glazier, formed Dablr Services in 2015, providing services like lawn care, pet care, home care, babysitting, and even tutoring.  He and his partner were fortunate enough to get connected with Rev3 Innovation Center in Naperville, which is focused on helping people and companies design, build and launch software and technology to drive the third industrial revolution.  

“We work out of Rev3 offices in Naperville (servicing Sugar Grove),” Jakes says.  “We selected Rev3 because the people and mentors there are just amazing, and have been a huge help; great resources and networking opportunities as well.”

Even as a teenager, Jake is realizing the value of working for oneself – creating his own schedule while owning the ability to make the decisions he sees most fitting for the success of the business. -Kristen Kucharski, Photos by Lynn Logan

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